Worship Sound and Video is a subsidiary of Bowling Green Electronics. We have been in the electronics business since 1984 and have experience in all phases of sound, video and computer technologies. With over thirty five years of experience ranging from electronics repair to the component level, (not just board swappers) designing, installing, maintaining, theater sound, video and computerized animation systems, to building and maintaining large computer networks. There is not a lot out there that we have not seen or done over the last 35 years. While we claim not to be the end all know it all company, we do feel we have a good grasp on what it takes to deliver God's message through modern video and sound presentation. It is our belief that while the message has not changed, the delivery has to change in order to reach the world for Christ.

It is with this mindset that we design and install systems that are of a professional level, and deliver visual and audio experiences that not only allow a sight and sound delivery, but allow the viewer to feel the experience as well. All of our systems use the latest technology combined with quality installation practices that will last many years to come.


Who we are

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